Plastic Pros


4: the capacity for continuous alteration of the neural pathways and synapses of the living brain and nervous system in response to experience or injury that involves the formation of new pathways and synapses and the elimination or modification of existing ones
Sometimes we are capable of change, let’s celebrate!  This page recognizes good news on the plastic front…
Valentine’s Day card that came with an overpackaged box of candy from my mom.  “Don’t judge me for the plastic and foil… just re-use it”.  The first step is recognizing you have a problem, right?               

    Alternatively, I ordered reusable straws from the Plastic Pollution Coalition( that came in almost entirely reused materials.  This included recycled newspaper and an old AT&T cell phone box.  

Boxed water that is not quite plastic free, but at least it is a start.  Especially at music venues and festivals where sustainability often seems the absolute last priority, popularizing the idea that single use plastic water bottles make no sense “is better” than nothing.


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